dream on’s first ever fashion show

Bridget had also been on holiday and been to see a Trinnie and Susanna show, and that had also sown the seed for an additional element of the show.

Now the final and most important point was that Bridget and Amanda had never, ever put on a fashion show before. You could say they were making it up as they went along!

So the venue was found - Framlingham College. Models were hired from the Sandra Reynolds agency, experienced Chanel make-up artists were requisitioned and John Oliver hairdressers, led by Sam Sibley, came to the rescue and the team started to create the fashion show.

Never short of ideas, there was a long list of things that were going to be part of the show. This included:

Two women being selected from the audience for a makeover on the evening,

Live DJ James Mcintyre,

Themed stories on the catwalk,

Films of people who had benefited from what dream on had to offer,

Fabulous lighting and staging including a fake grass catwalk with lovely daisies,

Drink and popcorn as people came in and importantly, ice creams in the interval,

Exercise Guru ,Sally Carmichael to introduce some movement for the audience.

The aim was to let the audience know that dream on was here and we were going to do things differently - we wanted fashion to be fun and we wanted to show that everyone can look good.

Amazingly, the fashion show happened and was a great success and a really fun night. We learnt a huge amount running this fashion show and used this learning in our planning for the second one.

We have a motto at dream on - "there’s always a way", and never was it more true than for our first fashion show.